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Black Rock, Vanguard, Fidelity and State Street are the four financial institutions that control the world of finance. In other words, they control the world.

They are known in asset management as the Big Four Shadow Banks or vulture funds and it is through such shadow banks that the United State’s dollarized the global economy to own controlling equity in Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, South Africa and the Asian Tigers’ economies after the Second World War.

These funds control over $15tril in funds although some estimate that shadow banks in total control in access of $170tril and they have stakes and cross shareholding in almost every leading company in the world and their financiers.

If it’s big and leading in business anywhere on the globe, these guys have their finger in the pie. This includes the big banks, leading media networks, big pharma, energy, biotech, weapons manufacturers, farming and mining.

Today, they are slowly buying control into Chinese industry through the Chinese equity market. It is to mitigate what these giants did to Japan why China continues to hold strategic Chinese companies as state enterprises under state bank funding. Only time will tell if that strategy will bear fruit.

In Zimbabwe, even though the country is under US sanctions, surprisingly the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange’s top ten companies have significant investments from Vanguard and Black Rock together with the South African funds they control.

We believe that the same are behind pressuring the United States government to maintain sanctions on Zimbabwe to push that government to sell parastatals for them to slap up at a song. In South Africa they are starving SOEs of funding, a type of soft sanctions, in the hope that the SA government will release these strategic institutions to them.

These funders through their cross shareholding in most institutional investors that have invested in Zimbabwe, determine the make up of the boards and policy direction of local and associated South African companies.

This leaves the question as to what their policy influence on these local companies is, especially when considering the economic sabotage we are witnessing in the Zimbabwean economy of late.

Everything these vulture funds do is reminiscent of the level of capital monopoly the Rothschilds, Lazards, Montefiore, Coutts and Morgans had upon global commerce to catalyze slavery, colonialism and the current era of neo-colonialism.

It’s noteworthy that as we have seen the rising dominance of these vulture funds over the last 30yrs, we have seen a corresponding reduction in Rothschild direct investment in global equity markets, which begs the question whether they are actually behind the vulture funds.

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare.

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