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The United States is the most successful colonial project ever embarked on by the Europeans.

Predominantly settled by English, German, Dutch and other such Nordic stock. This new world territory has become a fully fledged European outpost and colony as are New Zealand and Australia.

In this colonial outpost, European settlers under took pogroms to exterminate 15 million Native American Indians in a genocide that ran for 200yrs.

After which the few remaining natives were confined to 2% of land termed reserves, which today are characterized by sin industries like casinos and drinking holes.

The genocide was effected by war, hunting parties that received rewards for every Indian scalp or body that they collected and biological warfare that included giving Indians blankets infected with smallpox and flu spores to kill off the population.

Leaving all the oil, gold, silver, diamonds, coal (the biggest reserves in the world after China) and wild life in the hands of the genocidal European settlers.

With all this stolen wealth, they gave themselves “property rights”, went to Africa and forcefully captured Africans to be slave labor, which was used to grow America from an agrarian society into the most industrialized nation on earth.

It’s a tale reminiscent of the colonial project that Africans went through in Africa and in many ways are still going through today.

The United States of America as the most successful colonial project on earth became the blueprint upon which people like Rhodes sought to mold the African and Indian colonies.

With his Cape to Cairo vision, Rhodes had hoped to turn Africa into a bigger more successful colony than the United States on account of its mineral wealth.

Rhodes might not have achieved his dream but he set the foundations upon which the Americans have taken it upon themselves to fulfill Rhodes’ vision.

Secretly, they are putting their armies on African soil, employing drones, arming rightwing and Islamic groups to build a military bulwark in Africa.

Meanwhile they have implemented means to weaken African governments to reduce resistance. All in the while using vaccines, genetically modified foods, pesticides and toxic sanitary wear to slowly reduce native populations by disease and birth control in pursuit of land and resources.

A re-enactment of the American colonial project.

In the quest of weakening African resistance they have used weapons such as sanctions on countries like Zimbabwe, Sudan and Somalia to ensure that European settlement does not face resistance.

By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare

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