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The Overlords Of South Africa

Three of the JSE’s [Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s] biggest companies: SAB, Naspers and Richmond, are Broederbond owned companies funded by international western capital. The JSE on the other hand is the 12th largest national stock exchange and most profitable exchange in the world for the past 117yrs.

The Broederbond in turn is the occult secret society and brains behind the ideology of apartheid and the National Party government. Established in 1918, it has been central to all political activity in South African business and politics to date.

Put into perspective, of all NP members of parliament and the apartheid government since 1948-1994, less than three of them were not members of the Broederbond.

Every single South African President and Prime Minister from 1910-1994 was a member of the Broederbond, starting with Louis Botha.

This is because the ideology of white supremacy and its maintenance in Africa has always hinged on an ideology held together by a spiritual covenant and oath to control the economic, cultural, political and social system of Africa.

Something that is corroborated by the central roles played by Freemasons, Jusuits and the Broedebond in molding and driving the South Africa economy since the arrival of the first Europeans on South African soil.

Since World War 2 we have seen the convergence and merger of different European secret societies into one capital monopoly unit or combine in the exploitation of the darker races across the world.

The three broeder companies I mention above, together have a market capitalization of more than $250bil [R4.5tril] and through the Broerderbond and other secret societies like the Masons have cross shareholding, cross directorships and intertwined global relationships beyond JSE’s blue chip companies to international money markets and private corporations through out the globe.

Their funders, debentures and lenders are part of the combine, while the companies themselves also own shares in the financial institutions that are invested in them through these sophisticated combines.

These combines are so immense and sophisticated that when KPMG or Bell Pottinger is publicly sanctioned, internally, it’s equivalent to a family dealing with one of its own after they have inflicted harm on a not so liked next door neighbor’s child.

American asset managers like Black Rock, Fidelity, Vanguard and State Street, also know as the four shadow banks of the world. Can be found in the long lists of equity holders in these same companies.

So when we consider another +150 affiliate Broederbond companies in the JSE like Sanlum, Shoprite, ABSA, Nedbank, Remgro, Steinhof, Pinnacle and such. Plus the networks of international relations with western companies and capital. You begin to grasp the formidable global empire of power and capital behind the Broerderbond and by deduction the National Party.

Augmenting these JSE listed companies are the banks and financial institutions which are not even in the top 10 biggest companies in the country but they privately control all the money supply of South Africa.

They own the cars, houses, malls, shopping centers, industrial parks, real estate, factories, water rights, infrastructure and land that is purchased on credit. Essentially controlling the whole economy.

This then means they control the municipalities, provincial gvts, parastatals and national gvt through debt. And because we pay rates and taxes to the municipalities and gvt to amortize the debt the took from these institutions, even if you property your own, they inadvertently own you and your property too.

Without their debt, without access to the debt of their foreign affiliates in the money markets of the world in this current capital system, South Africa is doomed.

So in South Africa, we are ruled by a shadow [white] gvt that has thousands of times more capital than the gvt of South Africa and ANC combine.

I’m not sure if you understand the true repercussions of this. This is why today Afrikaners blocked highways, held the #vierkleur and not a single rubber bullet or teargas canister was shot by police because the foot soldiers of the rulers of the nation were sending a message.


Change the constitution, take over control of the issuing of money and debt from private citizens and put that power in a state owned reserve bank. Furthermore, the state bank must stop charging interest, allocate debt to production sectors and South Africans must stop taking consumption debt that is not linked to production. Then be ready for war. Either way, we are at war.

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare

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