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The Super Afrikaners Ivor Wilkins and Hans Strydom

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

When it became apparent that apartheid was doomed, the Broederbond morphed into an innocuous think-tank for capitalist-Afrikaner survival on the principle that if you do not like my principles, I can always devise new ones.

We each need to take a page out of this book to help us [black] people create strategies to start developing blackness but we also need to learn not to repeat the self centered Eurocentric practices that have built a great nation into this uneven, unjust society.

“I reiterate again. We need all our blacks in leadership and politics to read this book, understand how Afrikaners put Afrikaners first, built their people out of poverty and made this country the most economically advanced country on the continent.”

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