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The System Of Spirits

Did you know that in the same way our sangomas are said to go under water to get their powers. Renowned world leaders of technology, finance, business, science, politics and other leading disciplines are also said to go under water for meetings with extraterrestrial entities for knowledge and power?

Under Water Cities

This is information given by numerous living people who claim that they have been to these under water places where gifts of human and blood sacrifice are offered as appeasement.

There are even a number of World War 2 and living US naval officers who have attested to seeing unidentified craft flying in an out of the oceans as they performed patrols. The testimonies go as far as military officers saying senior US, european military and government officials are in contact with these under water world’s but such contact is veiled in a code of secrecy.

Aquarian Age

What is also interesting about this issue is according to astrologists we are living in the marine age. Some believe that we live in the era of Piscies while others say it’s actually Aquarius. It’s all a matter of differences in calculation and interpretation of the different astrological calendars.

Nevertheless, there is consensus from different spiritual doctrines that the world is in a water age and most likely under the rule of marine principalities.

Those of us who believe in Christian teachings see this as conformation of the existence of fallen angels that genetically modified themselves with humans and water creatures. Thus they survived the great flood and now reign over the world.

Fallen Angels

These, “The Old Ones”, as they are referred to in the occult, are apparently the spiritual powers, rulers and principalities presiding over this earth. It is these powers that have “enlightened” a certain race to dominate the world. Giving them the hidden knowledge and powers to reign over other races using esoteric knowledge to maintain a world order and hierarchy.

Westphalian Knowledge

Some say this dominant race [sons of man] are a product of an initial ancient genetic union between the Fallen Angels and man before those beings went on to also unite with marine creatures to create the “Old Ones” in the beginning of time. Over time this race is thought to have passed on the esoteric knowledge to create the technology and products of their heirs.


The knowledge is assumed to have been passed down to the progeny to empower them to safeguard the order of the progenitors. However, as time has passed, with the flood, wars and other events. A greater part of the “son of man” gene pool has been lost, hence now the need for the living distant ancestors [Old Ones] in the water to reinforce their kindred with waning knowledge.

Foremost in the knowledge passed down was the art of using fire, forging metals and producing weapons of war to pretect the order.

Disease Possession.

With that were the crafts of working with chemicals: alchemy and pharmacia to produce medicines and synthetic industrial products like silicone and plastic to control the world with gadgets. With medicines came the understanding of the human body into which spiritual entities called Nosisi were given the access to possess and cause dis-ease and illness in man.

Dis-ease Control

To control humanity, nosisi through wizardry of medical practitioners [asclepiads] are channeled to possess human flesh and inflict pain and discomfort. The medical practitioners were then given limited means to manage the dis-ease and give temporary relief for reward. This becomes a means of human control that is accompanied by the knowledge to control food production through biotechnology to limit production of body healing food.

No Trust For The Sons Of Man

Albeit, even though these spirits have endowed the “sons of man” with knowledge, dark crafts and technology. They do not have unequivocal trust in these “sons of man” because their core remains human, possessing the DNA and spirit of the creator which makes them capable of making humane decisions.

It is for this reason why these spirits influenced the “sons of man” to create computers that use numbers as a language. “The Number” which is language that transcends dimensions allows spiritual entities to control the physical [machines and computers] in the interests of the principalities of this system without human fallibility interfering.

The question now is: once the principalities have total autonomous control of machines and computers, what happens next?

By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare

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