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The Wealthiest Nation Of Poor People

South Africans, you need to start understanding this reality clearly. YOU live in the wealthiest country on the planet!!!! Wealthiest by mineral resources mined, those sold on the world market and those still remaining in reserve and futures contracts.

You are also the wealthiest country by capital returns, with the JSE being the best performing stock market in the world, with the highest real rate of return for the past 117yrs.

I can’t stress this enough: YOU are a fu€king wealthy nation, richer than Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Albeit, you are one of the most indebted societies in the world. Saudi Arabia and Dubai have some of the lowest debt in the world. You have a 56% poverty rate. Saudi Arabia and Dubai have less than 1% poverty. All in the while, your resources are being depleted fast, with little of the surplus coming to you or being saved in a national sovereign fund for the future.

So why are you not seeing the wealth of the country as they do in Dubai or Saudi Arabia? Why don’t you have Dubai in South Africa? Why don’t you have $1tril national sovereign funds set aside for your nation as these two nations have, for when the mineral resources run out? Is it because of Zuma?

No! It’s because of white monopoly capital vampirism, systematic looting that’s taking place (and has been happening since SA inc began) that keeps draining all the surplus in this economy to Europe. Even your remaining 30yrs of gold reserves, 209 of coal and 190yrs of platinum are not yours. They are already secured by western owned futures contracts.

Why else would Nigeria that discovered crude oil just 60yrs ago, with no notable financial markets, industry, farming or energy sector have more billionaires than SA inc, which has existed for over 150yrs?

Mzansi, wake up and start understanding what’s going on here and understand that the media you depend on is owned by white monopoly capital. They are keeping you occupied on non-issues, Zuma, Gupta, EFF, while looting you dry.

Cyril is here to fulfill the establishment of the new One World [digital] Government, which will come into effect 2024. Soon those of you middle class types working nice jobs are going to be replaced by machines, computers and software in you accounting, legal, medical, IT programming, engineering, advertising, administration, management, actuarial jobs. You will lose the house, the car and the clothes but it will be too late to FIGHT because the security of the day will be drones, robots and AI.......WAKE UP!!!!!

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