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My conclusion after watching Trevor Ncube's Biznews presentation:

1. He hates Zimbabwe and will do whatever he can to decampaign the country and its leaders through passive aggression veiled as balanced journalism. This is why he asked his white audience to decide whether Zimbabwe is worth investing in or if it’s a basket case. No one markets anything through negative characterization.

2. Trevor hates Zimbabwe because he’s bitter about Gukurahundi.

3. He detests non-Ndebele leadership, hence he can’t even acknowledge Nelson Chamisa as the leader of the opposition.

4. He only lives in Zimbabwe because black South Africans remind him that he is a foreigner.

5. As a result of his tribalism, white South Africans and western foundations use him to demonize Zimbabwe as a means to attack black self-determination.

6. However, like his chief, Lobengula, Trevor will sell his nation for sugar, thus he is also being used by western biotech companies to try and coerce our government to sign UPOV so that they can monopolize our seeds with their GMOs to make Zimbabwe seed captive.

This is why when he failed to push his neo-liberal agenda and GMOs upon the President, he now goes around in white gatherings calling President Mnangagwa a coup leader who doesn't want democracy.

Trevor is no different to other neo-liberal parasites like Mawere, Chanakira, Makamba and such merchants of imperial exploitation, who sucked Zimbabwe dry and now we need to purge them from the national conscience.

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare Strategist for Frontline Strat and Chairman of ZASM and ZUAUWS anti-sanction movements.


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