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Understanding Sanctions Against Zimbabwe

Below is an outline of the Executive Order Sanctions against Zimbabwe. These are a sophisticated deployment of a variety of weapons of war which illustrate that the US is at war with Zimbabwe.

To understand the warfare you must read the acts [NEA & IEEPA] that imposed the war on Zimbabwe.

These Are Not Sanctions But War

Understand the Defense & War mechanisms employed in these acts that make this a declaration of war and how these Executive Orders weaponize the sanctions and allow for the US president to put troops on Zimbabwean soil with these same declarations he made.

From here read the amendments to the Exective Orders 13288 to understand how war is declared on Zimbabwe directly.

What You Must Do

Those who get to read and understand these sanctions, it’s imperative that you simplify what you read and share your knowledge with your circle of influence.

Zimbabwe is under the same humanitarian assault that Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Venezuela and Syria were/are under. Sadly, we have no capacity to defend against them with conventional weapons.

However, the people knowing the truth and realizing that the US is attacking the people of Zimbabwe is the weapon most feared by the US government and her allies.

US Manufactured Consent

The US government has sustained these sanctions through misinformation, propaganda and misleading the people of Zimbabwe. They have induced Zimbabwean citizens to believe that the US is their savior and their government is the enemy. This has fragmented the nation, caused countrymen to turn against the nation and each other which weakens the nation.

Your duty to counter this is to:

• Read, Understand and Simplify what you learn here into three key points:

US imposed war on Zimbabwe’s government and its citizens | the weapons are currently economic and can escalate to military invasion without any further declarations because the US already declared war on Zimbabwe | the weapons are destroying Zimbabwe’s economy, healthcare, education, infrastructure, economy, culture, our ability to defend ourselves militarily and WE MUST ACT TO STOP THIS WARFARE.

• Take that simplification and educate Zimbabweans and non-Zimbabweans on the war that is on the Zimbabwean people and the weapons of economic mass destruction being deployed.

• Making people realize that the US is attacking all Zimbabwean people not 144 SDN [Special Designated Nationals].

• Zimbabwe’s government and institutions are on the Special Designated Nationals list in the Executive Orders. The fact is the individuals on the list are being used as a ruse to disguise the intent of the sanctions which is to attack the Zimbabwean people.

• Make people realize that the US has been causing the pain, suffering and lack of development in the country with this war.

• Make people understand that the US is an enemy and threat to the people of Zimbabwe because of its national interest in our strategic resources [lithium, natural gas, rhodium, platinum, Chrome and probably oil] not our government.

• Spread the message that we must unite and mobilize [march, protest, approach the international courts, challenge NGOs to act, lobby companies and other nations to push for the removal of these sanctions] against this war against humanity.

• We will deal with internal corruption after we have stopped the war that is destroying the fiber of our society.

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