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Written 27 October 2017.

The US has military operations [outposts] in 53 countries out of 54 on the African continent. The only country in which they don’t have any military activity on the continent is Zimbabwe, hence there is no pin on Zimbabwe.

This is information you will not easily find in the conventional mainstream media because it’s being handled with such secrecy by the US State Department. Albeit, due to the Access to Information Act, some information has been released through pressure from civil society groups to shed light on US operations in Africa.

These military operations or outposts range from:

• Military Bases

• Forward Operating Sites and Locations

• Contingency Security Locations

• Contingency Locations

• Lilly Pads

• Refueling stations

• Airports

• Training and advisor partnerships

• and various shared facilities.

Each of the different color pins below symbolizes the nature of operation the US has in the countries with pins.

For example the blue pin symbolizes a military base and yellow a training and advisory partnership outpost.

These outposts in Africa are part of the new US strategy for Africom known as The New Normal, where the US seeks to have a light presence on the continent while possessing the capability to deploy as many military assets as needed to any part of Africa in less than 3hrs using its logistical operation referred to as New Silk Road.

Africom currently operates from Ramstein, the biggest foreign US base with over 9200 US personnel stationed in just this one base. The base is literally a self contained city in Germany with its own schools, hospitals, malls, stores, factories and such.

Unbeknown to most, Germany is a US colony, meanwhile, US naval assets are stationed in Sigonella Italy, another US colony, ready to attend to any arena in the Europe, the Middle East and Africa region.

I know many of you might find my language confusing, but go back to the Potsdam Agreement, Martial Plan and New Deal, you will understand that for Europe to get out of the economic ruination of the Second World War, they had to become colonies of the US for them to get access to reconstruction capital and cheap African resources from their former colonies that were now being recolonized by US multinationals and vulture funds.

This capitulation to US imperialism culminated in NATO (a form of US occupying force) and the EU, with Brussels becoming the administrator of Europe on behalf of City of London and District of Columbia [Washington] which is also known as the military head quarters of the western world order.

It is for this reason that the US has over 45000 soldiers and over 45 military installations in Germany (more than the 23 they have in Japan, another US colony), to ensure that Germany will never rise as a military power again.

Now, the US agenda is simple: a recolonization and occupation of Africa as they did Europe.

Some might even suggest that the objective is already complete and in effect, as each base that the US has established in a country exerts overt military control and a threat of military reprisal if the host is not compliant to US interests.

Just recently, the US CIA, oversaw a coup-by-ballot by the new Zambian President, Hakainde Hachilema, and as a reward, he agreed to open an AFRICOM office (or base) in Zambia, to augment the U.S. bases in Botswana and Kenya to secure Southern and East Africa.

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare.

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Olws N Crows
Olws N Crows
06 may 2022

Would have liked to know the meaning of the other color codes in order to understand what we are dealing with in my country.

Me gusta