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What Controls US?

Many Pan Africanists advance the theory that mainstream religion is the control mechanism being used on Africans. However, my argument is no third world leader has ever been killed, isolated or put under sanctions for teaching Africans not to follow any religion.

That's because in my understanding religion is not what controls us. What controls us is what the system is willing to kill for: anything that goes against the capitalist culture of primitive accumulation, control of resources and white supremacy.

Below are some of the elements that I have discovered control us as Africans (and other third world countries). These are things they [“the western controllers of the system”] will kill, isolate and vilify a leader for or put a country under sanctions for because these are the means by which the western system is maintained.

Western Education:

This is the hypnotizing institution of the system, used to indoctrinate the African mind and spirit to habitually follow and accept western systems (laws, economics and policies), culture and determine our world view from our formative age into adulthood.

Central to the colonial project was the inculcation of western values into the colonies through this education. Even after the colonial project, much effort has been put into maintaining western education and values in former colonial territories.

This is part of the reason why Afghanistan was attacked several times through the ages because they have always reverted back to their traditional education system and culture which stands against western culture.

It’s also why the prevailing world order always seems to prioritize the destruction of traditional leadership and royalty when conquering nations.

In Africa they destroyed our spiritual, traditional and royal leaders to impose people without providence as colonial administrators and chiefs.

All this was because traditional leaders tend to carry a spiritual destiny to maintain the core identity, spiritual practises, systems and cultural values of a people that is opposed to the prevailing Westphalian culture that is being imposed on us.


This is the system of primitive accumulation of public [African and global] resources into the control of Europeans through contracts, debt, jurisprudence, western policies, markets, capital deficiency, systems, agreements and even war. To ensure the future capital accumulation and economic progression of western cultures.

• Economics:

Is the vehicle used to facilitate primitive accumulation: through the appropriation of African resources to make them scarce, control them and to

redistribute them for western benefit through western institutions, using laws, finance, practices, policies, economic tools and cartels disguised as markets regulated by western multilateral institutions.

Cuba has been under a US embargo for more than 50yrs for not allowing its resources to be controlled by American companies and for refusing to follow the American capitalist economic model.

• Western Monetary System:

The lifeblood of the system used by the west to implement capitalism and the economic system through control of the global medium of exchange by creating global currencies [fiat currency]; controlling its supply, the supply of gold, resources, debt, exchange rates; credit ratings, aid and currency system. All to maintain western control of African resources through monopolization of [valueless] mediums of exchange and their system.

This is one of the central reasons why they killed Gaddaffi. Firstly, for trying to create an African resource cartel that would control African resources, which would then be reserved to back an all Africa currency [The Dinar] that western nations wouldn’t control.

They also killed Saddam for attempting to sell Iraqi oil in Euros, which at some point would have been substituted for a Middle Eastern currency that would eventually break the Petrol Dollar.

• Industrialization And Pollution:

Industry is the engine that creates value for the western mediums of exchange. By producing goods and services and then generating demand for them. Western countries create artificial value that can

be exchanged for their currencies to have value.

To drive this industry the control of resources and labor used in this industrial value chain is key to extracting surplus value for western industry and nations.

Intrinsic in this value chain are exploitation, pollution and destruction of nature, hence western nations have contracted their manufacturing, waste dumping and pollution to China.

Consequently, China experienced the devastation of their environment in their sixty year pursuit of industrialization. And now that they have pulled themselves from “poverty”, they are now seeking to outsource their pollution to Africa. By telling them that industrialization is the catalyst for development and means to achieve the Millenium Development Goals.

• Western medical system:

Physical control is facilitated by the vaccines which are administered to every person from birth. To add to that we have water being polluted with antibiotics in the excretion which creates super bugs and weakens our immunity.

This is achieved by a medicinal system that focuses on allopathic medicine over homeopathy. The main ingredient of this system is the use of chemical medication designed to poison, pollute and foster reliance on chronic medication to drive the pharmaceutical industry.

• Western legal system:

The rules that govern how this system is maintained are Roman Dutch law and European law for the benefit of sustaining European interests in their colony. The rules have led us to discard our own African legal systems and land tenure practices.

Culminating in the maintenance of colonial injustices on the continent as our assimilation of European laws abrogated the traditional African laws and the protections that they afforded for millenia before Europeans came and dispossessed Africans.

This resulted in the remission of justice for Africans as protection of white interests and rights is generally done at the cession of African rights and interests which are diametrically opposed to the rights of the oppressor.

• International Law:

Are the culmination in universal code called international convention which is designed to stop African unity and Africans controlling their resources through treaties. As examples we have the Loame agreement, Washington consensus and many others that continue to impose the colonial precepts of the Catholic Doctrine Of Discover and Law Of Nation’s as prevailing international law .

Free Trade:

Consigns Africa to being a cheap resource center and captive market set up to prevent Africans from protecting their markets from western subsidized imports that cannibalize African markets.

Meanwhile, African products that are not subsidized struggle to find their way to global markets that are protected by subsidies and protectionist policies. This is the monopolistic mechanism that ensures capital accumulation for the west.

Currently, the United States is threatening sanctions on Rwanda because the Rwandan government wants to limit the dumping of US second hand clothes to protect their textile and clothing industry.

• Western Agricultural practices:

Industrial agricultural practices are the means to control food production through ommercial land tenure, hybrid seeds, GMOs, fertilizers and pesticides and other agribusiness practices that hold African nations to ransom.

This is also related to western nations using subsidies and free trade regulations to destroy the competitiveness of African agriculture.

They killed Thomas Sankara for turning Burkina Faso into food self sufficiency in four years of his presidency.


The practise that taught Africans to shit in our drinking water so that they need to wash the same water with toxic chemicals to sell chemicals and eventually contaminate the water supply.

The above sentence is metaphors to create a context for the poisoning, pollution, destruction and degradtion that western science has brought to Africa and the world pushing the world the planetary threshold due to human activity.

The world is now speaking about sustainable grow through a set of Sustainable Growth Goals themes. Nevertheless Africans are still foresaking African traditional methods of sustainable production, which the world is slowly recognizing as relevant to stop the world going over the edge.

This is what makes me say colonial tools that are controlling us are the science and systems that we have continued to hold on to even at the expense of our existence.

Religion is a peripheral means of behavioral control that only works alongside the central pillars pointed to above. This is why they won't kill one for being Christian, Islamic Or atheist but they will kill traditionalists or those practicing voodum like they are doing in Haiti.

All so called religious wars from the crusades were wars against the ideology of equality that preserved resources in the hands of the people.

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