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Contrary to popular belief, white men were not the ones who decided to end slavery, they were forced

into abolishing slavery because of never ending revolts by slaves in the Caribbeans:

- 1793-1804 Haiti War of independence: Slaves in Haiti defeated three international powers: France, Spain and England to secure their independence after an 11yr war that cost 50 000 French lives and cost these three countries a huge amount of financial resources. The loss of Haiti cost France 2/3rds of its foreign earnings and many say this influenced the outcome of the Napoleonic wars. Nevertheless, isn't it interesting how this major defeat of a European power in 1804 coincided with the outlawing of the importation of slaves in North America in 1808 and also corresponding with the beginning of slave abolition movement in Britain 1807.

- 1815-1860 the first of the Seminole Slave Rebellion Wars/ Florida Wars broke out in America. These were the most expensive wars (in proportion to American GDP) to be fought in American history as there were 3 Seminole wars all the way until 1860 when they ended. Coincidentally slavery was abolished in 1865 in the American South.

- 1816 the Barbados revolution

- 1821 Demerara revolt

- 1832 is the Jamaican revolution which saw the end of slavery in British Caribbean colonies in 1834.

- 1848 in Martinique, slaves win their freedom from their French plantation masters.

Slavery had become too costly for western nations and slave masters as production was now being hampered by on going plantation revolts, which required western gvts to deploy militaries at a huge cost to fight internal battles with slaves, while leaving themselves open to attacks from foreign enemies. Remember Napoleon was defeated ultimately in the Napoleonic wars due to the heavy toll suffered by France in Haiti.

So contrary to your belief slavery was not abolished by the morality or maturity of the white man but it was a business decision for survival, just like slavery was a business decision that catalyzed and funded the industrial revolution..

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