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Nations are built by citizens investing, innovating, exporting, paying tax and producing collectively together. But, in Zimbabwe, we have many citizens who believe that there are “special people” who must invest, innovate, create jobs, grow food, mine, export and pay taxes, while they just consume and complain.

No nation was ever built like that. Nation building is a collective effort

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ronald mudekunye
ronald mudekunye
16 feb 2021

I have been contemplating this for a while. You're right on that we do not have the culture of investing to generate income. Can you imagine all the people who built mega houses everywhere in Zimbabwe; some even 3, 4 houses in a country struggling to raise capital to finance its industries. However, after reflecting on it, I had a conclusion that it's not entirely upto the general population to develop that culture. We also need well functioning & trustworthy investment mgt institutions and executives who run our industries. They need to be entirely dedicated in the developing and growth of our economy. At present most executive boards if not most leaders in various spheres are focused on self enrichm…

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