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SADC soldiers to deploy to Congo against Rwanda’s M23 rebels
SADC soldiers to deploy to Congo against Rwanda’s M23

Two weeks ago, SADC held a meeting to discuss the deployment of SADC soldiers to Congo, to deal with M23 rebels who continue to wreak havoc in that country.

It’s a well-known fact that M23 rebels in Congo are an extension of the Rwandan national army that is looting resource-rich Congo on behalf of the West to enrich Rwanda. Now, SADC once again (24 years after Zimbabwe deployed to fight the same people) wants to deploy soldiers to deal with M23 after the UN and South Africa have failed to address the problem.

I am interested in knowing which side the Zimbabwean government will take, considering that they have been cozying up with the Western puppet and genocidaire, Paul Kagame, who is behind M23 pogroms in a fellow SADC member state.

I find the position Zimbabwe finds itself in, untenable, because, on one side, they are forging a relationship with an imperialist puppet who has perpetuated the worst genocide (over 5 million deaths) in Africa, since Leopold. Meanwhile, they are failing to support a fellow SADC member, in the same way SADC sided with US and western sanctions on Zimbabwe for the greater part of 18 years before they began to support Zimbabwe.

There is an unsettling schizophrenia in Zimbabwe’s foreign policy that leaves a very bitter aftertaste. It’s the same personality disorder that saw Zuma, Good Luck Jonathan and the Gabonese President voting with NATO for a “No-flyzone” over Libya which got Gadaffi killed. The same sickness that has our government positioning our country as "a friend to all and an enemy to none", leading to them inviting EU and US institutions to come and observe our elections, knowing fully well that the West sees the ZANU-PF government as not only an enemy but a threat to western existence, and they will do whatever it takes to destroy Zimbabwe and undermine our sovereignty.

Another thing to remember is the irony that Zimbabwe is under sanctions today, precisely because it sent its soldiers, on behalf of the SADC ORGAN, to fight the same rebel group and various other Rwandan and Ugandan proxies, twenty-five years ago.

And even though it was a SADC ORGAN mission that sent them there, SADC countries abandoned Zimbabwe when it was sanctioned by the US and her western allies for that rescue mission. Worse still, many SADC countries have labeled the Zimbabwean government as incompetent, when the effects of those same sanctions inherited in a SADC operation, have displaced Zimbabweans as they took their toll on the country.

Today, the crisis in Congo persists because Zimbabwe and its SADC partners (Angola and Namibia) were not allowed to finish the job of eradicating Congo of the waTutsi pestilence.

So, what has changed now? What will stop Zimbabwe from being sanctioned again if they join SADC in Congo this time, after SADC isolated Zimbabwe for going to Congo in 1998? More critically, what will stop the demon, Kagame, from murdering more Congolese people if Congo’s regional allies keep dining with this blood sucking CIA asset?