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White Men Not Just Failures But Worse

The sad part of white deception is it has left most people [just like Helen Zille] devoid of a full appreciation of the destruction white men have brought to humanity and the planet.

When white men got to Africa, they displaced, dispossessed and robbed millions of well off, self sufficient; land, resource and livestock owning Africans and turned them into unproductive paupers and slaves.

With them they brought diseases, greed, corruption, individualism; pollution of land, soil, water, human spirit and health.

They embarked on pogroms, genocide, war, deforestation, the destruction of herbs, medicines and ecological sacred groves of our people.

In the process wiping out the Khoisan, our history, spirituality, economies, practices, wildlife, fishes and turning health giving food into cancer causing poisons in the form of hybrids, GMOs, fertilizers and pesticides.

All this done in the pursuit of quick riches. Out of it came toxic pharmaceuticals, synthetic remedies and man made solutions to problems they created in the quest of giving only 6% of the people (who happened to be whites) a high standard of living and a free ride off the backs of natives.

What is ironic about all this is the same white men had ran from Europe to Africa because of the destruction, disease and deprivation they had visited on Europe by doing the same thing they are doing in Africa: polluting, destroying and eating everything that moved on the face of their land.

We are talking here of a breed that believes progress is achieved by creating destruction, disease, deprivation and death for the hoarding of wealth by a few individuals.

By so doing they are now threatening the extinction of the world’s longest standing civilization and origin of humanity.

So when Zille says white men are being used as scapegoats for the failures of the ANC. She is actually lacking a full appraisal of the destruction that the white man has created that the ANC and many African governments are trying to remedy.

The white man is beyond a failure BUT he is a destructive force to nature, humanity and himself. And he better hope that blackness regains its position in nature as the origin of life to restore humanity and nature to the world.

- Rutendo Matinyarare.

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