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Since the departure of Robert Mugabe, the CCC opposition in Zimbabwe has resisted unity and nation-building for division and animosity. Instead, they turned to South African and western media, Twitter Spaces and other platforms to stand on the highest hilltop to spread disinformation, hatred and division in their country.

High on ignorance, opposition leaders and supporters publicly outlined their intentions to cause violence and sabotage the nation. Live on social media, they planned and fabricated abductions, orchestrated violent protests, denied the existence of patent sanctions on Zimbabweans while claiming that they lost elections to rigging, without proof, to solicit more persecution by illegal sanctions.

In front of neighbors and African leaders, they cried wolf (human rights abuses, persecution, murders, abductions and rigging) to instigate a Libyan-like western intervention in the Southern African country, to throw the region into turmoil.

Hopewell went as far as asking for Zimbabwean ZEP holders and refugees to be deported from South Africa and incited xenophobia, in the hope of getting Zimbabweans lynched back home to suffer persecution by illegal sanctions, until they overthrow their government.

Despite neighboring leaders' efforts to halt the refugee crisis caused by illegal sanctions, the opposition and its mouthpieces persisted in seeking more sanctions through other means.

Their actions in turn eroded the little goodwill they had with continental leaders, and galvanized other African countries to support the leading liberation movement on the continent.

In a realigning world where the west is in decline and seeking to revive by recolonizing their former colonies, the Zimbabwean opposition are now viewed as a leper [Western puppet], despised by African decision-makers who feel the effects of their [the oppositionโ€™s] economic sabotage and neo-colonialism.

Even their Western masters express concern over the lack of leadership, strategy and intellectualism in the opposition ranks. This is unsurprising given that for the past seven years, opposition supporters' spent their productive time on social media advancing illogical ideas and delusions that have achieved nothing but isolation and division in their own ranks.

In a movement driven by a faith belief that 'god is in their devilโ€™s work, a movement driven by the belief in false gods like Mandla, Mumba, Hichilema, Hopewell, Unko Ged, Zethi and others who advocate for a white master to return and take over their land to give them jobs, such a movement faces a bleak future in a world where their competitor is the wise serpent that gave people back their land."