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On the 16th of August 2017, we had a post about an €18mil building that was built in Denmark using 6500 tonnes of Zimbabwean granite, for which Zimbabwe was paid only €970 000. The granite was exported raw and then cut and polished in Italy.

February 2019, Magaya opened a marble cutting and polishing factory and I wrote this article. The factory cuts and polishes granite, which means we have began to add value to our Zimbabwean granite and that is remarkable.

I still don’t have a lot of facts on this operation, but I am very excited about what this kind of church investment could mean in Africa. If all church leaders followed suit, imagine what it could do for Africa.

The future may be bright after all and the black church could prove to be the passive savings for capital investment that Africa has been looking for.

We also have over $21bil of Zimbabwean savings sitting in tax havens and an estimated $10bil saved by Zimbabweans working in the diaspora. Imagine if such money can be reinvested back home into similar value adding businesses.

It can be done, our bankers, regulators, insurers and stock markets, just have to ensure that such investments are protected.

This is a good story Zimbabwe, and the starting point of us to industrialize and rediscover the clean technologies used by our ancestors to cut granite in Mutapa to build Masvingo. #TellingTheGoodZimStory #ProducersAreOurHeroes.

By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare of ZUAUWS

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Godson Sikosana
Godson Sikosana
Feb 19, 2021

Keep them rolling and telling it as it is. Thank you Rutendo