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Zimbabwe Sanctions are illegal According to United Nations Special Rapporteur.

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Now that the UN Special Rapporteur for the negative impact of unilateral sanctions has said that US, EU, UK, Canada and Australian sanctions on Zimbabwe where illegal, lacked due process and deprived civilians of the enjoyment of their human rights.

We can now infer that these sanctions are [have been] persecution of innocent civilians by depriving them of water, food, medicine, healthcare, education and economic development, to force them to vote for MDC.

This is a crime against humanity that disproportionately impacts [impacted] the most vulnerable people of our society: women, children, orphans, the disabled and the elderly. Therefore, the perpetrators of this crime must be prosecuted for their crimes without favor.

MDC does not deserve political dialogue over the millions of dead, displaced and destitute people of their crimes. They deserve to be tried in a UN tribunal and sentenced for their crimes against civilians, otherwise we will be encouraging inequality and injustice by allowing the elites of our society to murder, impoverish and displace African civilians for power, yet the same crimes against Jews were punished unequivocally in Nuremberg.

The poor victims of this crime against humanity of sanctions in Zimbabwe, deserve justice, equality and fairness. We also need to send a clear message to the west that they can not continue to use their proxies to make fodder of Africans for their own benefit as they have done in Libya, Somalia, Congo and many other countries in Africa.

By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare.

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