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US military in Zambia
US military personnel and ambassador celebrating a new Africomm base in Zambia

Hachilema, the President of Zambia and former CEO of Grant Thornton who sold most of Zambia’s assets and resources to the west by paying bribes to Chiluba’s cabinet in the process, left Zambia poor and with nothing.

And now as payback for the west making him a billionaire by buying up Zambian assets, he has agreed to open up an Africomm base to leverage the US’s New Silk Road initiative, read my article on the New Silk Road on

By making this move, Hachilema made himself immune to prosecution for the corruption he undertook at Grant Thornton or future crimes, and in exchange the resource rich Persian Gulf of Strategic Mineral resources (Southern Africa) is now poised to see the same destablization we see in the Middle East and East Africa.

This is a sad day for Africa because now, the leading champion of black emancipation in Africa (Zimbabwe), which is also under US and western sanctions; is now surrounded by US bases in Zambia to the north; Botswana in the west; ISIS, Kagame and US training personnel in the east (Mozambique) and a hostile western controlled neighbor in the South.

Just like the slave trade, Africans are still doing the dirty work of white supremacy to enslave themselves.

Rutendo Matinyarare.

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