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MwanaWaMutapa: Don't you know that you are a descendant of the Great King, the Empire, the Great Monomutapa?

Don't you know that it's your ancestors who cut hard granite and built cities of stone through out the region, building one of only seven African Empires, trading with great African kingdoms like Bachwezi, Shongai, Ashanti, Cush, the Chinese, Indians and Portuguese even before Europeans knew of China.

By 1000AD, your forefathers were miners, mine engineers, stone cutters, diamond and emerald cutters, goldsmiths, ironsmiths, farmers, horticulturalist, animal husbands, craftsmen, leather merchants, traders and diplomats.

They were wisemen, sculptors, masters of astrology, geometry and architecture.......You are not a mere being, you are a spirit descendent of the great Mutapa who gave birth to the Mapungubwe.

Why would you want to be anything else......why would you give up the bird (Hungwe) when men have gone out of their way to capture it.

You have the blood of a great royal people coursing in your veins, it's for this reason why your people took land before anyone else, it's for this bigger deeper reason why you are misunderstood and persecuted.....

No need to explain yourself to anyone for you are great and those who are not ascendant like you do not understand you.

We are a great people, a people of empire, vision, a people of destiny, a people of purpose because what our ancestors touched had significance and hence it still stands from Ingombe ileide, Gukuruswa, Mamvuradonha to Mabweadziva today over 1200 years later.

Know who you are and rise #MwanaMutapa.

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare

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