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South African Buffalo Being Used For Money Laundering

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

R163 million buffalo.
South African buffalo sold for R163 million dollars.

Written 21 April 2017.

Have you ever wondered why a Buffalo would cost as much as R168 million [$12million]?

A lot of people think it's because such Buffalo have some special rare attributes or intrinsic value, yet in reality they don’t really have much intrinsic value.

It's true that some animals may have great genes and could have value in the future breeding of the species; however, spending R160 million buying flesh-&-blood is an opportunity cost of owning a colateralizable asset like a gold mine, coal mine, industrial park or company that can make a quicker return at a relatively lower risk than flesh-&-blood.

The truth of the matter is wildlife in South Africa is a white dominated monopoly used by white South African mercenaries to launder the money they make in their imperialist ventures across the world.

As a result, many ex-SADF soldiers find themselves being consultants and hired guns all across the world with a bulk of their activities taking place off the books.

As we speak, large numbers of South African mercenaries are guarding stolen facilities in Congo, Sierra Leone, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and various other undisclosed war torn locations for the US military industrial complex.

Their payments come in many forms from cash [US dollars], gold, purloin diamonds, timber, ivory and even sugar; but most of those payments are illicit flows; so getting the money into the South African financial system, bypassing the Financial Intelligence Center, requires innovation and creativity......In comes the Buffalo and wildlife.

So, when you consider that a great number of ex-SADF soldiers own farms and game ranches on the back of trading illicit ivory from Angola and Namibia during the boarder wars of apartheid. Buying and selling of wildlife at exorbitant prices becomes a continuation of their previous smuggling, money laundering and getting huge amounts of dirty money back into the corrupt South African banking system, without questions.

In this case, animals are bought and sold in an auction enviroment for money to exchange hands publicly, and from there the money makes its way into the system as legitimate money.

But according to FICA and FATF (Financial Action Task Force) anti-money laundering and counter terrorism laws (AMLCT); any transactions above R25 000 must be reported to the Financial Intelligence Centers and both transacting parties subjected to KYC by banks, insurers, auctioneers, jewelry retailers, real estate agents and any other institution with fiduciary duty to ensure the nation is compliant with AMLCT.

It therefore goes without saying that, this same money laundering scheme is used by organized criminals to clean proceeds from drug, weapons, human, child and body parts trafficking.

More insidiously, it’s suspected that this is the system currently being used to conceal the movement of money from rightwing or fascist European governments, to fund white rightwing terrorists and their militia in South Africa.

All it takes is for one to ask why it is, that only South African Foot-&-Mouth Buffalo are the only ones fetching these obscene amounts and never the pedigree, disease free Buffalo from the diverse gene pools of Tanzania, Kenya or Zimbabwe?

My follow-up article will speak to the traffic of Zimbabwean wildlife into South Africa.

By Rutendo Matinyarare of Frontline Strat Marketing and Founder of ZASM anti-sanctions movement.

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