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Makoni Tea can contest Muringa & Rooibos.

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Makoni herbal tea from Zimbabwe. #MakoniTea #MyFoodIsMyDoctorMyPharmacy

It’s an ideal candidate for an international regional brand designation to contest Muringa from Kenya or Rooibos from South Africa.


“This is Makoni Tea. A herbal tea that grows wild in the mountains of the eastern highlands in Zimbabwe .The product has a slight spicy palate with a touch of smoky, fruit leaf flavor accompanied by a hint of cured tobacco nose .”

This particular batch of tea was picked, dried and delivered to me thanks to my ambhuya Hamu Juju Patina.

As the tea has sat and matured in my pantry the more it’s flavor and nose have become richer. The cups of tea are indulgent, luxurious and get better each day.

Apparently the product is sold in Pick n Pay and other retail outlets in Zimbabwe. I am significantly impressed by the product that I have sent samples to a tea merchant in South Africa to see if we can’t commercialize and distribute the product in South Africa.

True to the mantra: Our Food and Drink is our Pharmacy. On Wednesday last week I went with my daughter for a sushi lunch. As expected, sushi made by a Zimbabwean chef upset my stomach.

On getting home I had a running tummy, a headache and severe dehydration. Two cups of Makoni tea later, my running stomach stopped, headache gone and I found myself refreshed and re-hydrated.

Now, I’m not sure this was the intended use for the tea but all I know is it dealt with my discomfort and what was likely going to be food poisoning.

Bottoms up for Makoni tea. For those who don’t know it, try it, it’s amazing.

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