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Wildebeest ,Organic Mashed potatos with skins ,Cherry Tomato.

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

• Wildebeest • Organic Mashed potatos with skins. • Cherry Tomato.

Wildebeest Taste: as it looks, robust textured with a depth of flavour akin to dark, well-hung beef.  How to cook?  Dice, fry with onions, dust with flour, add beef stock and cook on a low heat to make a rich, meaty pie filling or stew.

Nutrition Facts

“With stampede speeds of up to 50mph, they’re leaner than they look – 97% fat-free in fact, which is great news for your heart and waistline. The dark-red colour of the flesh indicates a high iron content, so wildebeest meat is a great energy booster too.”

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