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Nelson Chamisa leader of CCC runs from debating Rutendo Matinyarare
Nelson Chamisa runs from debate with Rutendo Matinyarare.

For over a week, CGTN has been trying to schedule a ZOOM debate between Nelson Chamisa, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Musabayana and Rutendo Matinyarare, for the 16th of March 2022.

On being approached, Chamisa refused to debate the Deputy Minister. As a result, the deputy minister was then rescheduled for an interview alone and Jacqueline Sande was offered to Chamisa as a replacement, to which he agreed.

To ensure a seamless engagement, all the participants agreed to ensure that they had fiber or Wi-Fi connection at the agreed time of 2:30pm on the 16th of March, for the debate.

Come the day of the debate, instead of Chamisa being in a place with Wi-Fi as agreed and as he does when interviewed alone on SABC, he was sitting in a car with weak 3G signal that made it impossible to communicate with him.

Due to this weak signal, the debate was postponed. Soon after, Chamisa called the network and committed to join us the next day (17th of March 2022) at 2:15 pm from a location with proper connectivity.

On the day, at the scheduled preparation time for the debate, Chamisa ignored the calls of the network.

The network then got Professor Pedzisai Ruhanya (who it had put on standby) to replace Chamisa. Albeit, when the first question was put to the Professor, he complained that the subject matter was not what he had prepared for and declined to proceed.

This was despite there being Whatsapp messages proving that the Prof had been adequately briefed on the subject of the discussion.

Now, here is the moral of the story. Chamisa and his cohort, lack intellectual depth and exposure to debate intelligent, well informed and exposed people.

This is why SABC insulates them and interviews them alone without any opposing views, which is in contrast to BCCSA codes and the spirit of fair and balanced media coverage.

But what were we to expect from a political party led by bunch of degenerate, ghetto bumpkins who have split endless times due to intolerance?

Notwithstanding, this is the same “firm” of incompetent lawyers who fail to appreciate that calling for sanctions upon civilians is illegal and an international crime against humanity.

Today, the same imbeciles, have failed to even craft an ideology or constitution to anchor their party’s existence because they are still waiting for the Westminister Democracy Foundation to write it for them.

No wonder, their leader and Ruhanya were reluctant to engage sharp minds like Jacquie Sande, Rutendo and or the Deputy Minister, because they lack the moral conviction and intellect to swim with intellectual sharks.

It would seem that in this particular instance, Nelson and Pedzisai were well advised not to engage with us after I embarrassed their masters: the US and EU ambassadors and Hopewell Chin’ono in a 28 October 2021 debate on a Twitter Space that forced Hopewell to redact the entire debate I had with the US ambassador, to save face for the US government (listen for yourself

Soon after this debate with their paymasters; Chin’ono, Chamisa, Mahere, Sikhala, Team Pachedu and most CCC leaders all simultaneously blocked me [Rutendo Matinyarare] on Twitter. An indication that CCC (then MDCA) leaders were all instructed [by someone powerful] not to embarrass themselves by engaging knowledgeable, intelligent and skilled opponents like Jacquie, the Deputy Minister and myself, to avoid their lies and ineptItude being exposed.

Zimbabwe deserves better leaders and not these immature, student union leaders who never evolved out of college campus politics of unsubstantiated generalizations and false claims.

The future of Zimbabwean politics and civil activism is young, too intelligent and articulate for the dinosaur, sanctions election rigging opposition movement.

To see the eventual debate that I then had with another CCC affiliated professor, tune into DSTV, CGTN on Saturday 19 March at 7:30 pm.

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare of Frontline Strat Marketing and Chairman of ZASM and ZUAUWS anti-sanctions movement.

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