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1. In 1990, Paul Kagame was combat trained in the United States' Fort Leavenworth Army Command and General Staff College.

2. On his return to Rwanda, in April 1994, Kagame used US supplied surface to air missiles to shoot down and murder the Rwandan and Burundian Presidents Cyprien Ntariyamira and Juvénel Habyarimana respectively, in order to ignite the Rwandan genocide so that as a minority leader he could justify taking power by force.

3. Most Rwandans (300 000 Tutsis and 600 000 Hutus) murdered in the Rwandan genocide, were massacred by Kagame’s RPF forces, to sell the story that he took up arms against a democratically elected government to stop a genocide.

4. His advisor is Tony Blair the war criminal who butchered innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq.

5. All Rwandan PR is done by the British PR firm Chelgate.

6. He and Museveni who is also Tutsi invaded Congo to kill Laurent Kabila and to benefit from helping the US and the west divide Congo into 5 smaller states that would make it easier to loot Congo.

7. Zimbabwe is partly under sanctions for sending its soldiers alongside Angola and Namibia to Congo, in order to stop Kagame and Museveni from removing Kabila and dividing the richest country in Africa into 5 separate states as the US wanted.

8. More critically, Kagame and Museveni attacked (and are still attacking) Burundi and Congo because they believe that Nilotics [Tutsis] are a superior race to Bantus and thus their aim is for Tutsis to rule over Bantu peoples in East, Central and Southern Africa.

9. For Rwandan defense, Rwanda has US bases and it’s soldiers are trained by the Americans.

10. Kagame's former Foreign Minister, Louise Mushikiwabo, is now head of the organisation of France Afrique. As a reminder, France Afrique is the institution controlling French colonies in Africa.

11. Rwandan soldiers are currently in Mozambique defending French interests from US sponsored Islamic terrorists. This of course is a well ochestrated plan to place the Rwandan army as the US’ eastern flank on Zimbabwe which just discovered oil.

Kagame is no Pan Africanist, he is a dangerous tool of the west, no different to CIA agent Mobutu Sese Seko.

By Rutendo Matinyarare Chairman of ZASM.

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Jul 02, 2023

Enlightening article on Paul Kagame! I will now resume my African studies inspired by this writing. A new subscriber 😃