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False Flags Of Disunity

Isn’t it interesting how we are at a point in our democracy where our people are waking up and beginning to question the bias of our laws and judiciary when it comes to protecting white illegal invader/immigrant interests?

A point where our people realize that white invader interests are so intent on protecting apartheid gains so much so that our courts are blatantly and selectively bending the law to make non-legally based judgements. Judgements that favor minority interests and the protection of the unjust gains of apartheid against the public and majority interest.

Then all of a sudden, in the same week, in a DA municipality, war breaks out between the so despised “black foreigners” and police....🤔.

Immediately shifting national attention from the legislative capture and corruption of our judiciary by white invaders to makwerekwere [African foreigners]

Don’t let the irony escape you:

• we are now focused on Africans labeled foreigners by colonial, apartheid, Roman Dutch laws and boarders

• instituted by the same illegal European invaders/foreigners

• who today are twisting our democratic laws in the favor of minority interest over the interests of the majority.

Bearing in mind that for 340yrs, the same illegal European invaders/foreigners used these same apartheid colonial laws to separate, dispossess and brutalize black South Africans without their majority consent.

Now, through these same colonial laws the African foreigner has now taken center stage and all our focus is removed from the perversion of our judiciary by this European invader and criminal against humanity.

All because the African foreigner has supposedly broken some colonial, apartheid, Roman Dutch Laws instituted by this illegal European foreigner.

The same European foreigner who perpetuated the [original] crime against humanity of apartheid through which he captured our economy, state, judiciary and is now using that illegitimate power to keep control of our economy through the colonial laws, the manipulation of new democratic laws, the judiciary, media and state to maintain unjust enrichment and gain.

With this power he defiles the offices of protecting the public [The Public [Majority] Protector], the judiciary and Presidency while dividing the majority people.

Let me laugh out loud for a moment 🤣. This is known as a false flag my brothers and sisters.

So instead of being destructed, let’s unite as blacks in the same way Europeans of different ethnicity are united in our oppression, and let’s keep our focus where they don’t want us to focus: the illegal European invader who is imposing his laws, perverting the judiciary and state to protect his ill-gotten interests while maintaining our dispossession through the same laws.

By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare

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