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Many South Africans believe that black South Africans won their liberation by throwing stones in the townships, but here is a rare excerpt in the image, which was authored by a white South African. In this piece, the author admits to US sponsored SAAF (South Africa Air force) attacking neighboring states and the fact that, in the end, the SAAF feared flying over Angola where Cuban, Angolan, Namibian, Zimbabwean and MK soldiers were, because they were losing aircraft and men.

What is not said in this article is both the SAAF and SADF (South Africa Defense Force) army lost equipment that they couldn’t replace in not only Angola but the SADC countries they attacked.

While the SAAF lost planes, helicopters and men; the SADF lost tanks, armored trucks and men from land mines, artillery, infantry and bombs dropped by jets in Angola, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

And even though the SADF was supported by the CIA, in the end, they retreated from Zimbabwe, Namibia and Mozambique and feared going into areas of Angola because they were losing men, equipment and money they didn’t have.

By this time it was now clear that SADC countries and Cuba could have pushed their victory by attacking the Boers [who were now running out of equipment] on South African soil, which would have led to their total defeat.

To prevent this total defeat, the Boers chose to negotiate with the ANC because they were running out of equipment to defend themselves after most of their equipment was destroyed in the border wars in SADC.

This is why after independence, the South Africa government needed an huge arms deal to replenish weapons destroyed in these SADC border wars.

Whitemen have written most of the books on this chapter of South Africa’s struggle, hence most of this information doesn’t come out.

By Rutendo Matinyarare.

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