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Parents Who Don’t Care About Their Children.

Everyday we parents say how much we love our children and would do anything for our children using our professions, qualifications and knowledge. We stand on podiums and talk about how much we are willing to do what ever it takes to enhance and protect the legacies of our children and their futures, but is this true?

What do most of us parents do for a living? Are most of us not working jobs that ensure that our children's legacies are still births? Are we not creating the products, chemicals and pollutants that ensure that our children are stillbirths themselves?

Mothers and fathers, are you not manufacturing the cancers, viruses, birth control and deficiencies that riddle yours and your children's bodies, in the labs that you work in and in the factories in which we hold titles: director of operations otherwise director of pollution, chief science researcher or chief poison creator? Are you not funding these destructive operations through the banks you manage? Are most of us not in IT jobs that will ensure that our children are replaced by machines and won't have jobs in future? Are transitional managers, code writers not writing the code; creating platforms, systems and processes that will ensure that our children will be monitored 24hrs a day by big brother and their wealth will be held by servers controlled by people we don't even know in the not too distant future?

Are we not the same people creating products not meant to last, through built-in "planned obsolescence" to ensure that people buy more products to profit capital owners and bankers? And by so doing are we not ensuring that our children's resources are being depleted and pollution is on the increase to ensure that we irreversibly poison and destroy the air, water and soil that our children are meant to inherit?

Are we the parents not the same people creating the biotech products and IP laws that will tomorrow ensure that the our children's land and food are owned by foreign corporations and gvts for a few luxuries today?

Do we really care about our children, do we even care about ourselves when we are creating a world that is destroying our own health, depleting our own resources, environment and health for paper [money]?

Our education has made us slaves, creating our own graves and poverty for a bunch of papers whose value we don't determine and assets which value evaporates everyday to leave us impoverished materially and spiritually, nevertheless we think that's success. 😢😢😢😢😢

But in all our destruction, who are we serving? What is the motivation or spirit behind our working tirelessly to destroy our children's legacy? With whom have we made our contract?

This is the master of the medical doctor as witnessed through the original hyprocratic oath made by Hippocrates: the father of western and modern medicine. This is why today the doctor does not heal but he nurtures, maintains chronic illness to make money for pharmaceuticals, bankers and gvts.

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