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December 2020 saw the end of the 16 year old Africa Peace Facility by which the EU gave over €2.7 billion to the AU, to fund African peace and security initiatives on the continent.

Over the past 16 years of the program, the EU funded training, peace keeping, monitoring and human rights initiatives (whatever that means) in Africa through the AU, without ever providing any individual nation with lethal weapons.

However, now, with the approval of Moussa Faki, we have a new 8 year European Peace Facility that will now see the EU fund individual African nations, non-governmental organizations and groups directly (without the coordination of the AU) with development funds, human rights training, technical support, military training and lethal weapons for peace and security on the African continent.

This new arrangement means that EU countries no longer need to go through the AU, but they can now directly fund and equip African governments, armies and organizations that they like/choose, with deadly weapons, while denying those that they don’t like on the pretext of noncompliance with their selective brand of human rights or other methods of discrimination.

This is a dangerous initiative, remenicent of how Europeans selectively equipped certain native tribes with guns to enable them to invade their neighbors as a means of divide and conquer during the chattel slavery and colonization project.

However, this time, EU countries can fund rogue governments, terrorist groups and rebel movements on the African continent, without AU oversight, to cause instability as we have seen the rise of terrorism on the continent over the past 16 years of this EPF program.

With the US already using terrorists to build a network of military bases in their New Silk Road program on the continent; the EU are likely to use the same false flag strategy to put their own armies on the continent as well, to reestablish their neo-colonial foot print.

This is a recipe for an EU and US (NATO) driven arms race and conflicts on the African continent. And it’s why this facility, which was approved by the bane of Africa, Moussa Faki, must be rejected by continental leaders for the future of Africa.

One can’t help but feel that all this is also a means to cause conflict between China, Russia and Africans through the usual divide and conquer tactics of the Europeans, who hide behind human rights which they have never respected.

This EPF program is also being rolled out in Eastern Europe as well, as a means to arm Eastern European countries to counter Russia.

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare of Frontline Strat Marketing and Founder of ZASM and ZUAUWS anti-sanctions movements.

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Thembinkosi Njovane
Thembinkosi Njovane
04 mar 2022

What can be viewed as helping hand in this case is quite deadly.Which this article highlights great observation which is the SOURCE of never ending conflicts,and many choas within Africa.

No wonder we have some turned to be religious loyalist.Is because we never consider to understand geopolitics and white supremecy.With no understanding of such dynamics we only get confused.Thats why now we have "Operation Dudula"that triggers black on black violence.Which is deadly and costly to African families.

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