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Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai was a former trade unionist who opposed white exploitation of black labor at the advent of our independence.

Later in the fight for economic transformation in Zimbabwe, he was then persuaded and paid by white capitalists to run for political office so that he could stop the return of land to black people (land reform).

On failing to take power to stop land reform in 2001, he asked for the US, UK and EU to impose and maintain sanctions on Zimbabweans until they vote for him and his party.

These sanctions would go on to destroy the economy, jobs, accident emergency response and our healthcare system. And as karma would have it, his wife, daughter and nephew would succumb to traffic accidents on Zimbabwean roads and below optimum healthcare in Zimbabwean hospitals.

On the 14th of February 2018, Morgan died alone in a foreign hospital, where a Zimbabwean nurse would make a meme of him as he was dying. None of the western leaders imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe would come to see him.

Even his senior party members were no where to be seen, as they fought to take over Morgan’s position even before his body was cold. The traitor left a legacy of traitors as can be seen with the tattered rag that is MDC.

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare founder of ZASM ZUAUWS anti-sanctions movements.

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