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I once said that CCC will never succeed because it is run by ghetto-youth who lack mentorship, civilization, sophistication, class, standards, knowledge, exposure, a builder's mindset and the philosophy of team sport.

As an example, I pointed out how Chamisa's mother died like a pauper, yet her son was buying expensive cars with donor funds, but people thought I was being classist.

No, I wasn't being classist, but the fact is the ghetto was designed to produce degenerates by Nazis who invented it in Warsaw. It was designed to raise people who canโ€™t grow flowers, manicure lawns or paint their homes with pride.

The ghetto is a place where people were engineered to destroy and live in filth. Itโ€™s a place of scarcity where people advance by pulling others down in a dog-eat-dog contest. This is why today, Chamisa's scarcity mentality saw him purge his best lieutenants (Biti, Ncube and Mahere) in exchange for junkyard dogs like Ostallos, Ngadziore (Let-It-Rot) and Mkhwanazi.

I have never liked Biti and Mahere much, but they had decorum and class when compared to the destructive, uncouth and rabid replacements.

And unless ghetto-youth are taught the mindset of abundance and how to build through team work by those who grew up working working in teams and building beauty (those brought up in suburbs or villages), they will never know how to build.

This is why the ghetto child, like a wild animal, gets in a suburb and sooner or later they drive out the suburbians and turn the beautiful suburb into a ghetto, as we see in our suburbs in the cities run by Chamisaโ€™s CCC in Zimbabwe.

The ghetto-youth have reached and destroyed every suburb in Zimbabwe. They got to suburbs and sold wetlands to homeowners who don't belong in those suburbs. They sold sports-clubs and green-belts to people who built substandard houses and canโ€™t maintain them, turning one of the most beautiful cities in Africa into Lagos.

Today, when you fly over Harare, from Harare South to Chitungwiza, it looks like a big desert shanti town (Kibera Bama in Kenya), because the ghetto-child is in-charge in Harare. He has cut down all the trees, and the ghetto-child-run city council doesn't invest in planting new trees for future generations.

When the ghetto-child makes money to move to high-class suburbs, they get there and begin to build nasty homes designed by draftsmen instead of architects, changing the look-and-feel of the suburbs.

They donโ€™t renovate their homes, they have ramshackle old cars parked and rotting in their front yards. They turn once beautiful suburbs into the uninspiring ghettos they ran away from.

We now see Borrowdale, Kambanje and the Grange looking less impressive than some upmarket suburbs in Soweto. Even some homes in the Brooke look like they belong in Mebrine (Melboreign), because people who donโ€™t belong in the Brooke (ghetto-youth) have moved in without first learning the culture of living in organized, beautiful places.

During the elections, Chamisa pocketed money donated to invest in training and placing polling agents. In an organized and culturally sensitive, but supportive Bulawayo, he alienated his MPs by imposing his own candidates, ignoring the cultural imperatives, because the man, like most ghetto-youth, is programmed to destroy (kuworesa, kupaza ne kudira jecha) and never to invest or build.

Thereafter, he purged refined party leaders and surrounded himself with people like Let-It-Rot (Ngadziwore) and now the opposition, like the towns it runs, are rotting and driving out those who can build. We are in trouble!

Zimbabwe's problems are uncouth and uncivilized ghetto-youth like Chamisa who have taken over everything without learning how to build, and in the process, they are driving out those who were born to build, and they are turning Zimbabwe into a big dog-eat-dog ghetto.