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The Blackhawk Helicopter is a highly advanced Lockheed Martin helicopter that has been sold to only 34 countries. These countries are all wealthy first-world nations that are allies of the US with the technical capacity and resources to operate and maintain these machines.

Zambia, as a #HighlyIndebtedPoorCountry (#HIPC), lacks the capacity to operate or maintain Blackhawks (valued at $15 million - $25 million each), strongly suggesting that the helicopters being delivered to Zambia are actually a U.S. AFRICOM deployment of its own military assets to its base in Zambia, with the intention of invading Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean government made a significant error by allowing an opposition party that calls for sanctions from external governments, to continue participating in elections. This opened the door for that opposition to tarnish Zimbabwe's reputation in South African and Western media, paving the way for western military intervention, under the guise of the west intervening to save desperate poor Zimbabweans from the proverbial “evil ZANU PF government” that stole elections, which the opposition actually lost fairly.

By failing to adequately educate Africans and Zimbabweans about the challenges and threats faced by Zimbabwe in its decolonization efforts, the Zimbabwean government may have inadvertently played right into the hands of the enemy, by creating conducive conditions for a western invasion.

The U.S. government is now positioning its assets in Zambia in a manner that suggests preparation for such an intervention.

This invasion will likely be triggered by upcoming violent opposition protests, which will be portrayed as demonstrations against a stolen election, stolen by the manufactured “evil ZANU PF government”.

I reiterate once again, to the government of Zimbabwe, it’s high time you shut down the sleeper US terrorist cells of CCC, by calling for a UN Tribunal on the crimes against humanity of sanctions. Act now or die.

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