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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

The issue of sanctions is not difficult to understand. It’s part of the reason why the Lord said to Solomon “seek ye wisdom because it’s more precious than rubies”. He wanted Solomon to have wisdom and understanding of issues like foreign affairs, enemy invasion, siege [sanctions], the importance of land and resources for the advancement of Israel.

Western sanctions like African witchcraft, are designed to neutralize the ABILITY of competitors [in this case non-white countries] to DEVELOP and CHALLENGE western domination, control of resources, processing of resources, industrialization, financial control, production of goods and development of independent systems, for the west to continue to make more wealth while non-whites remain slaves.

It’s the same motive behind our African relatives giving money for a funeral but never money to start a business because they don’t want us to be better than them so that our children can serve them.

With that same intent, the EU, Canada, Australia and the United States will allow Zimbabweans -who they have under sanctions- to illegally externalize and bank stolen loot in their banks, to bankrupt Zimbabwe and sabotage development.

They Encourage Zimbabwean Corruption

They will even encourage Zimbabweans to spend their scarce and illegally laundered and externalized foreign currency on buying unproductive western goods (fruitless consumption) and depreciating assets like Lamborghinis, clothes, jewelry, education, yachts, apartments in their countries and to charter expensive private jets.

The more expensive the consumption, the more they promote it because that puts money in their western treasuries, while draining Zimbabwe of scarce foreign currency and savings. Which denies us the ability to save, invest, process resources, produce wealth, food or products that compete and take money from their [western] economies.

The World Is A Competition For Resources

The world is nothing but a competition for resources, hence nations and creeds are called races. And some races will do whatever it takes to keep other races down to control resources and advance their race. Sanctions are one effective means of keeping another race down.


The west even encourage and allow conspicuous and fruitless consumption to create the false impression that there are no sanctions on Zimbabwe.

However, the moment the nation wants to buy productive equipment to build capacity at Hwange or ZiSCO, the moment the government wants to upgrade hospitals and factories.

Only then will you discover that the US #ExecutiveOrderSanctions using the #InternationalEmergencyEconomicPowersAct prohibits 🚫 any company in the US, EU, Canada, Australia and those wanting to do business in the US, from ASSISTING “A THREAT [Zimbabwe]” to US Economic, Security and Foreign Policy Interests by processing payments, trading, buying or selling them software, technology, loans, machinery, parts, tools, formulas, knowledge and logistics that they can use to protect and process resources, manufacture or transport exports, food or industrial products over the value of $50 000, unless the US President gives a license or permission.

That’s because capital, savings, payment clearances, inputs, products and trade allow Zimbabwe to have functional banks, farms, factories and armies to defend the nation, produce, employ, compete with these western countries and challenge their dominance.

They absolutely, don’t want Zimbabwe receiving any capital or products it can use to save capital, stop consuming useless western products, defend itself or to learn to produce defense technology, because then western countries can no longer dominate the country by threatening invasion or economic sanctions.

Sanctions A Violation Of Human Rights

This is the reason why in October last year [2018], Iran won a case in the International Court of Justice that ruled that the United States was illegally using payment systems to stop Iran from accessing medicines, medical equipment and food in violation of UN Sanctions and International Law.

Patriarchy Is Sanctions

It’s the same way many of our forefathers didn’t want women to go to school, out of the fear that those women would gain self sufficiency to challenge the men and leave if they so desired.

Colonialism And Slavery Were Sanctions

The same is the reason the Smith regime did not mind Africans buying alcohol and cars, but they aggressively prohibited the same Africans from getting education, high paying jobs, owning land, businesses and machines.

It’s why they didn’t allow black people to have more than a certain number of cows or to buy homes in white areas, to prevent Africans from building skills, amassing wealth to compete with whites or building self sufficiency. The aim is simple, domination comes by the one seeking to dominate, making others dependent on critical resources that only the dominator controls.

Ignorance Makes Sanctions More Effective

The fact that most Zimbabweans can’t understand why sanctions encourage corruption, sabotage of the Zimbabwean economy through purchases of cars, clothes and jet rides, but prohibits Zimbabwe from acquiring technology, machinery, medicines or the development of ZISCO or Hwange. Shows nativity and our lack of understanding of global competition, TOTAL WAR or economic warfare among Zimbabweans.

It also shows our lack of financial and economic literacy, hence we struggle to understand sophisticated weapons like sanctions or debt colonialism. We wouldn’t be the first though, because today Iraq and Libya lost their oil wealth and were put out of existence because their relatively educated societies failed to appreciate the war that sanctions brought upon their land.

The Americans actually count on us being illiterate savages who don’t understand economics, finance, geopolitics, sanctions and warfare for them to dominate us.

Sanctions Are All Around Us

However, all it takes is watching one season of Game Of Throwns or observing rivalries in our families to understand what the Americans are doing in Zimbabwe and most of Africa.

Arguments like Zimbabwe can’t be under sanctions if government is buying pick-up trucks, the President is chartering jets or some Zimbabweans are buying themselves ostentatious imports. Render us the illiterate savages the west want us to be to support their sanctions because we lack the appreciation that as long as it’s not harmful to the enemy but to our treasury and development, the enemy will allow it.

Debt As A Sanction

That’s why in countries like South Africa white banks give black people debt for expensive German cars, holidays, expensive clothes and education but never debt to build a factory, bank or to buy a mine. The reason is cars do not produce anything, they do not build capacity for black people to compete but instead they deplete savings that could be used to build competencies to compete with whites.

Zimbabweans have masters degrees and PHDs but because we lack the understanding to realize the difference between factors of production, assets, liabilities, gearing, production, leverage and dead capital. We fail to defend ourselves from Europeans holding us back as if we were still slaves on the plantation.

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