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Over the past two municipal elections, the EFF has betrayed black consciousness by voting for the DA to control municipalities and thus giving power to white supremacy.

In the last interview between Sizwe Mpofu and Floyd Shivambu, Floyd was clear that if the DA is not arrogant, the EFF is willing to join it and other proxy opposition parties in a coalition to remove the ANC. What would such a coalition look like? It will inevitably be controlled by the DA, which has more votes than the EFF, and thus this will usher in white rule 2.0 and the strong fist of #DemocraticApartheid or #NeoApartheid that is supported by the entire Western world.

When that happens, most black SAPS police officers and civil servants who are labeled corrupt and incompetent by the DA, will be retrenched, and many of the white private security armed response officers (many of whom are whites, Indians and Zimbabweans) will be appointed to SAPS.

Many highly militarized individuals in private armed security, like the guy who knocked out the EFF member in the viral video last month, will form the private army that will protect white interests and be unleashed to control black people, Phoenix style, in cities and farms. Some white private security members will return to SANDF to reduce the number of black soldiers, for control.

In industry, the minimum wage will be scrapped to create low-wage workers again for Western investment to return and exploit. BEE will be scrapped, many blacks will be retrenched, and many BEE millionaires will be charged with corruption to ensure they can’t fund ANC and EFF. Julius, Floyd and associates will be made to answer for corruption charges (cooked up or real) for On Point Engineering and VBS, and the current President might see Phala Phala being rehashed.

EFF student militancy on campuses and EFF officials raiding white employers who mistreat workers will end, as private armed security will be given a green light to use force, including shooting to kill, as we saw happening to EFF cadres in Cape Town when they got assaulted at the racist school.

And the DA is anticipating that EFF will try to be militant without real firepower, so they already have a plan to neutralize the EFF, and this will include the use of lethal force, assassinations, lengthy jail sentences and in the worst case, calling for a state of emergency to lock down the country. These real historical antagonisms between blacks and whites, will see us return to apartheid factory settings, quicker than we can imagine.

We all saw how the Cape Town municipality used a heavy hand to deal with the feared taxi operators in Cape Town last month. All the taxi operators could do, was vent their anger out on civilians, soft target city employees and property. Now the City is demanding R5 billion in damages from the taxi operators, otherwise they will impound their vehicles and attach their properties.

People think courts are biased right now? Wait until a DA white government comes in and replaces judges and law enforcement personnel to put their own racists. After the DA wins, no black person will ever get a favorable decision in a South African court again, as the whites defend and protect democratic apartheid.

If they decide to prosecute Julius, Floyd and or Ramaphosa for Phala Phala or any other cooked up charges, be rest assured, they will be jailed. As for Jacob Zuma and his corruption trial, his case is going to be expedited, he will be found guilty and he is going to die in jail. People around him like Mzwanele Manyi, will be hunted down and persecuted in short order while fence-sitting with the EFF and placating white power (DA).

Most middle-class South Africans have already experienced everything I am outlining above, in white corporates where racism and violence rule daily. Abelungu know how to use power and how to maintain it, but EFF is not equipped or ready to fight 372 years of a violent apartheid institutional memory, alone as a bunch of kids without adult supervision.

Kuzonyiwa, ama born-frees and so-called intellectuals. This next election is not a game; it’s life or death. These DA Neo-Nazis who support Ukraine, are ready and itching to teach all you darkies a lesson by taking you back to Sharpville and Hector Peterson!

#VoteANC2024, if you want to ensure that this doesn’t happen. EFF can’t be trusted with black lives because the leaders are immature and selfishly fighting to stop their corruption cases from being brought up; hence, they will follow any instruction given to them by the shadow government.

I know many are angry that ANC sold out. Yes, they did, but under them, the Neo-Nazis were under control, but under white rule and once whites control the army and police again, they will unleash their violence without restraint and with the support of the Western community. Only by voting for ANC, which has a black majority, can all black people, EFF, and others have a second chance to survive and make corrections together.

Share this message if you want life!

Written by Rutendo Matinyarare, Chairman of ZASM.